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If you've written what spells out each person's rights you are in the best position to prevent later misunderstandings caused by different recollections of just what the form included. The forms at Divorce-forms.org were prepared in straightforward plain English so that you will understand their meaning and purpose with ease. Legal jargon has been removed where possible. It ensures you will not make a mistake because of not understanding the meaning of a specific clause. Simply insert details in the spaces provided. If it has a clause not needed, just put a line through the unnecessary material and initial it (make certain the other person initials it also).

Ensuring Performance

If last--minute changes must be made insert it in the form, and have both parties initial the changes either in the margin beside the change or immediately above or below the change. If signing must be witnessed or notarized, do not sign it unless you are in the presence of the witness or notary public. Most of us at one time or another, have met an individual who entered into a legal agreement that he or she later regretted signing. If the divorce agreement is in writing, the other party knows that if he or she does not live up to the agreed-to-promise, you can sue for damages. This, in turn, makes it more likely they will make good on the agreement's requirements. You can use online forms simply by filling in the blanks, dated it, signing it, and have it witnessed by a person other than a friend or relative. You do not have to waste much unnecessary labor, time and money working through the mechanical process of typing and preparing a divorce document every time you need it. You thereby avoid the possibility of a typing error that could prove costly in the long run.

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