Divorce Checklist

The following points will help you in the prepartion of the divorce papers, and is an easy-to-use guide.

  • Start by reading the instructions to determine if there are any special instructions you must follow. The special instructions may include making duplicate copies of the form, using registered mail, having the signing of the form witnessed or notatized or may require the use of a personal letterehead.
  • The majority of divorce documents located on the Internet may be used as they are. Of course, any general divorce document will need to have changes and modifications during the preparation stage. If the divorce template you are using indicates that you should use a personal letterhead, you should allow sufficient space to insert all pertinent details and information involved with the divorce. Any special needs and requirements should also be neatly hand written or typed in the spaces provided.
  • Make certain you fill in all of the blank spaces: the date of the agreement, the names of the parties, all agreement terms. If the form has a provision that you beieve is not needed, just put a line through the unnecessary material and initial it (make certain the other person initials it also).
  • If any last minute changes must be made to the agreement, simply write them in and have both parties initial the changes either in the margin beside the change or immediately above or below the change.
  • If the signing of the agreement must be witnessed or notorized, do not sign it unless you are in the presence of the witness or notary public.

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