Marriage & Divorce

Essentially, online divorce forms address the marital relationship in precisely what each spouse wants, and is prepared to give to the other spouse. This is especially so when it comes to the division of property. As a practical matter, a spouse cannot avoid specific federal laws that could affect the actual divorce of the marriage relationship. For example, despite the existence of a valid divorce agreement, in a divorce you still must satisfy many state and federal laws bearing on the marital relationship. It is similar with an employee who is covered by minimum age laws cannot waive his or her right to that minimum wage, even if an otherwise valid employment contract provides for a lower pay scale.

Federal Antidiscrimination Laws

Similarly, a divorce agreement cannot waive one spouse's legal rights over the other spouse. Keep in mind, that if one of the marriage partners is originally from a different country and nationality, federal antidiscrimination laws cover that person so that they are not taken advantage of in a divorce because of their race or background. A court of law will not treat them unfairly because of their age, race, national origin, physical handicap, religion or sex. Furthermore, the reach of these laws--at both the state and federal levels--is very long indeed. The case books are filled with litigation involving unscrupulous spouses who will go to great lengths to disrupt the divorce proceedings, and demeanor their marriage mate in a court of law. On occasion, the court may even revoke a previous divorce under special circumstances, and instruct the other party to relinquish additional property and even pay their spouse court costs.

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